20 things I´ve done before I´m 20

20 things I´ve done before I´m 20

Something about travelling has made me realise how very young I am. It´s extremely rare to meet a traveller under 20. The two that I´ve met so far have been two girls from Sydney who were having a gap year. In light of this I made a list of things I have achieved before double decades.

1. Visited Asia= Vietnam(3x), Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur

2. Visited South America= Ecuador, Peru

3. Visited all Australian state and territories with the exception of NT and WA

4. Lived in three separate places= Gol Gol(0-12), Albury(12-18), Melbourne (18- )

5. Completed my HSC well

6. Directed a documentary in Ecuador

7. Sung on stage at the Sydney Opera House

8. Played cricket on the MCG

9. Swam in the Great Barrier Reef

10. Visited Machu Picchu

11. Visited Angkor Wat

12. Been part of a lighting crew for an amateur musical and proffessional dance performance

13. Learnt some guitar, recorder and tenor saxaphone

14. Dyed my hair purple for charite

15. Had some of my art exhibited

16. Moved out of home

17. Lived independently

18. Travelled overseas alone

19. Stood in both hemispheres siultaneously

20. Recieved the Caltex Best All Rounder Award