Internet Rules Everything Around Me

As per Adrians suggestion, I have decided to contemplate the many ways I user the internet.

In the morning, I check Instagram, Facebook, the weather forecast and my emails, all through my phone.
As I’m eating breakfast, I check the train times from the PTV app so I know what time to leave. On the way driving to an unfamiliar station, I use Google maps on my phone.
When I get onto the train, I check my Netbank through the app to see if I got paid. I also continue to scroll through Facebook and Instagram.
My phone and laptop connects to the Wi-Fi as soon as I get into uni and I log onto myRMIT to get access to some readings.
I then work on an assignment where I open 15+ sites in order to get the information I need. Simultaneously I’m consulting with my group member through Facebook and receiving iMessages from some friends on my phone.
During my day at uni, I continue to use my laptop to surf the web. Before the day ends I also transfer some money to a friend through my phone, continuously update my social networking sites, use the online dictionary on my phone to look up a word, check my work roster online, access my pay slip and email my boss.
That night, as I sit around chatting to my family I Google a variety of things that come up in conversation including how to apply for Family Feud, how old David Attenborough is (88 in case you were wondering), a healthy dairy-free slice recipe and what Outlander the new TV series gets on IMDB… just to name a few.

All of which I did without being consciously aware of my utter reliance and dependability on the internet. I think this is interesting based on what we were discussing in the lecture about people being attached to books and disliking any process that would transfer them online. It’s interesting because I have been quite passionately one of those people: looking down on the way-too-common Kindle users and still fondly frequenting the library to borrow my books. And yet I use e-books and peer reviewed journals on a weekly basis, and love the ease of the online RMIT library. Am I a hypocrite or can I love both for different reasons?

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