Task 3_Investigate Digital Tools

Describe any software that look promising and explain how you could use the tool in your project. Post this task on your personal blog. Word count: approximately 500 words

Klynt is an application dedicated to interactive storytelling, especially website documentaries. It is developed and distributed by Honkytonk Films which is well-known for a webdoc, Journey to the End of Coal (Bollendorff and Ségrétin, 2008). It is notable that Klynt is an affordable and easy-to-use application to explore new narrative formats on the internet.

One of the biggest features in interactive documentaries is numerical coding where contains multi-media formats. Klynt is a perfect platform to design an interactive documentary because it is compatible with various media formats including texts, images, audios, videos, and hyperlinks. The software has a simple and clear interface that allows users to edit mixed media easily.

  1. List of media organized by type
  2. List of media organized by sequence
  3. Parameter: automatically shows associated media when you select or open a sequence in the storyboard
  4. Delete media
  5. Import media

In the Goffee Beans project, it requires different formats of media. The project will contain a number of interview videos in which the local people talk about their anecdotes in Fitzroy. The raw footages will be massive, but Klynt can help to organize the files. It is because the application has video preview windows where users are able to categorize video by renaming, tagging or adding a description. Also, Klynt offers users an option to customize the thumbnails of their videos. Although customizing a thumbnail seems very small to someone, thumbnails are useful to symbolize a sequence’s content on the storyboard where users can quickly find the exact video. When we are dealing with a large number of files, thumbnails can save time and unnecessary efforts.

Building up a storyboard is the first thing to do in the process of a project. So another functional feature of Klynt is visualizing the storyboard where the application gives a complete view of the project’s narrative structure. We are able to add new sequences to the board and then create one or more links between two sequences. This method is sufficient to visualize the cause-effects relationship in the narrative scheme. Particularly, a web documentary consists of complex non-linear structure in the storytelling part so the visualization of storyboard gives a clear look to users.

The Goffee Beans relies on social media platforms where to enage with participants. Klynt can provides a built-in sharing module which makes it easy for audiences to share the Goffee Beans project on the mainstream social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Tumblr.

Lastly, Klynt worths €499 for a complete version. It seems a bit pricey for students but it also offers 14-days free trial version where people can consider to use.

To sum up, Klynt is exactly created to explore new narrative forms on digital media platforms as it is an application made by a new media production company in France with many years experiments and efforts. Klynt helps filmmakers save a lot of time because many functions are humanized. For example, a visual storyboard is useful to construct a clear narrative structure. And users can efficiently manage their raw files with the appropriate design of the interface. Klynt is a convenient software which is worth to try.

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