Film Seminar Review


On 25th September, 2015, it was finally the day running our film seminar. It was exciting and nervous because this was the first time that I produce event shooting. On the day, we met up at 2:30 pm in building to have a quick meeting before the seminar started.

At 3:00 pm sharp, William, Jason, Linh and I  picked up the gears from techs and transfer to the seminar room. Then, when we set up the equipment, we found the wireless micro-phone did not work well due to technical issue. So we chose to use lecture mics instead of the wireless one . Mark told us that audio would be automatically recorded in the lectures mics into the computer and we could download it from the server. Beyond this issue, everything worked as a plan.

To record the seminar, William and I set up two cameras in the room. The first one was placed in the front the guest and the second was in the further distance. This was good for our editing in highlight video. It was because the first camera generate a medium-shot or close-up to our guests, whereas the second one produce a wider and longer frame as an establishing shot. We could create an inter-cutting between two shot making the video attractive to watch.

Throughout the event, everything works pretty well. Everyone was highly involved into the seminar. The guests did provide helpful information with their professional experience in the industry. Clayton reveals that filmmaker should have a strong passion to work on their field. With a ‘Just do it’ attitude, we should start our own project, no matter how small it is. Don’t wait for the opportunity and we should do it by ourselves. This suggestion really encourage me to be a filmmaker. For me, filmmaking brought me a lot of fun and I very enjoyed the progress. Overall, how to fit into the industry is dependent on how much practice you have done.


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