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11800365_1197931450233365_548270822152266354_nIn media 6 studio, the major assignment is to organize a theme seminar about media industry.  I am in the film group, and our seminar is presenting on 25th of September, 2015. The concept of this seminar is ‘Epic Journey’ of being in the industry. This idea focus on people have changed jobs throughout their career and how they fits into the new position.

No one could be successful in one step. When people struggling in the industry, they always seek different opportunity to develop themselves. The opportunity could be anything and any forms. Therefore, in our seminar, we are looking to investigate some professionals in the Australian film industry for the development of their career.

As the seminar is about ‘Film’, we choose to use ‘Star Wars’ theme. We title the seminar as ‘Media IV: A New Hope’, which represent a Star Wars series movies. The idea is awesome and we are quickly involved into the assignment.

Also, we assign different roles to divide responsibilities. My position is event filming, creativity production (Poster design), technical supports and post-production. It is a challenge for me because it would be the first time to do a event filming. Although I have done a several of assignments for filmmaking production, this is a new field for me. I am looking to learn new knowledge through this seminar.

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