For My Blogging (Blog Assessment Task)

My blog career in Networked Media has started for six weeks. During this period, I felt as the idea of blogging being encouraging me to write something on my blog in order for building up a space for myself. Blog offers me a place to write anything I want to write about with no limitations. Yes, admittedly I consider blogging is very excellent to develop my ability and skills in writing as well as intensify my engagement throughout my lecture or ‘unlecture’, my tutorial, my readings and writing practice  Overall, blogging absolutely provided me many amazing experiences,  however, personally I think of my participation being not good enough in Network Media so I still have some realms to improve  in  the future.

I remember the first week, Adrian spoke out in the lecture that everyone should had experience about writing essay from their primary school to high school but writing essay in our entire life is impossible because you wrote a essay is getting a good from techer. Adrian’s point on blogging inspires me to think blog is a large space to express your unique idea in order for discussing, arguing and sharing online with other people. In a blog, writing not being for a good mark but a reputation rules. Rules, forms or even grammars are not highly considerable, on  the other hand, how to interact with people with your typing texts is more significant. Adrian revealed that blog is fantastic opportunity for student to communicate with each other for a good discussion on some impressive issues or sharing good experiences online.

Throughout this six weeks, my blog posts mainly reflects from the class readings and raised idea from ‘unlecture’ but the overall blogging is not good enough to attract people to visit or comment on my blog. Nevertheless, another hand of this situation, I was benefited from writing blog because I could write anything that I want to share with no any restriction. Not only my writing ability but my personal development is improved by following up the materials from ‘unlecture’ or the neutral medium ( Going through the ‘Networked Media’ blog become my daily habit as a consequence of a plenty of funny readings there. I am able to extend my interests and engage with new knowledge through online texts so that I could go through the readings anytime and anywhere  when I feel boring. With practicing writing my blog, I also consider one important thing that how could I attract people to visit my blog as same as I keep up ‘Sneakernews’ blog everyday because of big interests on sneakers. Therefore, I attempt to rise my own idea after finishing weekly readings and lectures in order for offering my unique opinions which might catch someone’s eyes.

However, in this six weeks, there are still a lot of disadvantages for my performance on blogging. First of all, I am unable to  guarantee  update my blog consistently week by week due to some other things being occupied. Individually, that is the biggest problem for my blogging. The number of entries is not adequate for the requirements so that I should be concerned with this part. The second thing is that I found difficulties on my reflections of my reading because of spending too much constructing the idea. I think that this problem might result in the slow updating on my blog. Even worse, I would misunderstand the center idea of readings and I had done many useless effort. Therefore, I should improve my comprehensions of readings so that I can point out some impressive idea. Additionally, I found myself lacks interaction with my peers so I hardly obtain useful feedback from them. The only way to communicate with other peers is tutorial and neutral website but these conditions are not enough to provide a good interactive blogging. The blogging should be hanging around others’ blogs and leave a comment in order for a communication. Unfortunately, I have not commented anyone in Networked Media so that I also lose my opportunity.

For the future, it is time to be worried about how to improve my blog for becoming a real blog. I will try my best to update one post or posts twice a day with relevant review from readings and feature news. The reason of keeping practicing my writing is to enhance my management ability and habits to make blogging become a daily regular instead of an assignment. Also, I consider the interactive communication is very important for blogging and I should observe my peers’ blog and learn something helpful from their writing and structure of blog. What is more, I need to collect a diverse of materials from life or internet to rise my inspiration and construct my new idea on blog, attracting someone else. Not only blogging the academic but I need to discover the interests of my life that makes sense with the knowledge from Networked Media.

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