The key learning we did this week was all in relation to Assignment #4. This week we presented our Assignment #4 concepts to ACMI industry professional Field Carr, and RMIT Lecturer and industry professional Alan Nguyen. My group were presenting our concept on Peppers Ghost, to which we had really positive response from the both of them. The main conceptual elements we discussed were in relation to our concept, and how we were going to make it work. This included explaining how we would build our Pepper’s Ghost set and attempt to create our own Pepper’s Ghost hologram of myself – presenting on the history and other examples of Pepper’s Ghost. We explained how we would be using plexi-glass and foam board to create our own smaller-scale Pepper’s Ghost set to try one theory, and also a projection pyramid out of the plexi-glass to place on an iPad to test another theory. We plan to see which of the pair works best, or even if we can, incorporate both of the ways Pepper’s Ghost can be created.

The main media making element we discussed was how we would be moving towards the production of Assignment #4. This included how we would begin working towards our rough-cuts now. For us, this is through creating these sets and beginning the filming of me on a green screen, so we can move towards editing the footage to work within our sets. We intend on working on this immediately.

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