The key learning we did this week was in relation to preparation for assignment four. This was through doing research and examination of previous ACMI examples, and what factors we could take from these in order to help conceptualise our ideas for our ACMI films for assignment four. We discussed how it should be first and foremost, highly educational, but still engaging and entertaining. We discussed how Field Carr from ACMI would provide further feedback on how we can do this in Week nine.

The main conceptual elements we discussed were about how we can obtain funding for feature films through Screen Australia, and all the guidelines that come with applying for funding for a film (which can be found at: This is especially useful for us, as students, and as as budding filmmakers.

The main media making element we discussed this week was how we would execute both our practice presentation this week, and the pitch presentations we will be having in class in the following week to Field Carr and another guest. This weeks practise run could be made into pdfs or powerpoint slides to show an example of our idea, or alternatively can be basic rough cut or basic elevator pitches at this stage. We should be continuing our assignment four pre-production now, through doing research, scripts, shot-lists and storyboards – which from Week eight onwards, will be included in our assignment four reflections. Come Week nine, we should have a much further refined concept – with a com-partnering powerpoint presentation and potentially a rough cut or test run to show the class and guests.

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