The key learning we did this week was in relation to preparing for Assignment #4. To do this, we need to begin working on Assignment #3, which is a presentation to the class, Cat and guest speakers that involves either a powerpoint presentation on our concept or a rough cut of Assignment #4.

The main conceptual elements we discussed were in relation to the topics that we have to choose from to create a micro-essay for ACMI. Talking about the topics we could pick, what they meant, and how we could possibly make them engaging – all while meeting the key requirements given to us by ACMI.

The main media making elements we discussed were ways that we would be able to make our micro-essays and presentations, given the current circumstances. This included helpful tips for pre-production, including storyboarding, shot-listing, research, and how we have to reference when presenting our concept and creating our content for the ACMI Exhibition.

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