The key learning we did in this week’s workshop was inclusive of recapping the past three weeks of content (three-act-structures, five-act-structures) before moving on to discussing short-form cinema, and the evolving position of short and episodic film/video content in today’s media landscape.

The main conceptual elements of short-form cinema we discussed were how online platforms have lowered the bar, in terms of entry level/ability of producing and distributing media, as it’s developed has allowed for platforms (for example Youtube), that give budding media-makers the opportunity to display their work. The other main conceptual element we discussed was how making a short film allows the filmmaker to dive into a subject or story cinematically without investing a lot of time and energy into the project – with room to expand it later, giving filmmakers the opportunity to tell a compelling story in a short amount of time.

The main media making elements I experienced and completed this week are in relation to my own short film. I spent this week consulting with Cat, and discussing different ways to fine-tune my work – as well as applying all the practical media making elements that we have discussed in the tutorials, such as video effects, audio effects and colour correction within the Adobe Premiere Pro editing programme.

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