HTML is something I never even considered I’d be doing – I guess that makes me network ignorant in some way. Despite the fact I still think of myself as a content created rather than a web designer, I now do believe it is an important thing to learn even if it is just to further understand the way the system you are working on functions. Betty had me a bit scared in the tutorial she took of our class describing it as another language and I’ve never been good at second languages – I learnt Italian for 9 years and can barely say “Hi, how are you?” But in the tutorial, I was pleasantly surprised. I throughly enjoyed learning how it all worked and found that I picked it up pretty quickly.

I disagree with what Brady┬ásaid about it being a bit of a waste of time with Dreamcatcher and such taking over because even if we don’t use it on a daily basis it’s still nice to have that background knowledge.

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