Film/TV: Review of Rolling

Film/TV: Review of Rolling

So we watched a short film, Rolling, in our first week tutes. These are my thoughts.


  • Well acted by the male lead.
  • A simple concept, but given the time constraints of the short, it didn’t need any more to it.
  • I don’t think it was intentional, but when the guy was walking down the frozen isle of the supermarket, the colours were changing, which was a good way to express the guy’s shifting emotions to confronting the girl.
  • The cold open was neat.


  • I didn’t find the acting of the female lead very believable.
  • The supermarket was poorly lit, which couldn’t really be avoided if they couldn’t bring their own lighting in.
  • The shot selection of the supermarket could have been done to make it look larger, because it was obvious this was a tiny supermarket and I doubt they would stock so much toilet paper.
  • Sound quality in the supermarket scenes. The noise was changing from each shot, taking me out of the experience.

Overall I think it was a good attempt for a film that had to be shot in one day.