The Sodding Werribee Train…

Having moved back in with my folks and subsequently to the ‘burbs. The effort to commute to civilisation takes a whole lot of extra work. Right now I am sitting across from a girl who is purposely talking louder over the phone about her record label and how her best friend couldn’t fly wither her to the USA and be her manager because she is not a lawyer and cant fly or “some shit”.

The only way I could adequately describe her ‘look’, would be snooki x dirty era Christina Aguilera. She continued to ramble about how a ‘fan’ brought her daughter over to see her and the ‘fan’ didn’t even put in a follow up phone call to say thank you. Snooki said you have one chance with me and that she wont be taking her calls when her track is on Fox (FM).


Then when she hung up the phone I thought it couldn’t get any better. She stated to listen to one of her tracks out loud. Granted, it wasn’t that bad and she seemed liked a sweet although out of touch young girl, I hope she see success.

Now I thought that was the end, she then decided to start talking to me and asking me about almost all aspects of my life. I had to be quick on the keyboard so I didn’t draw attention to myself and this title of the blog.

She then got off at Footscray, and in true Werribee train fashion, she was replaced with a almost immediately with  an unshaven and racist, fat man(Im sure he has had a hard life, right?)

Having lived away for almost two years, I discovered I had actually missed the show that has become the “Wezza” line. Between the hours of 11am-4pm and 8pm-1am, the people come out and so do their thoughts.


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