First and foremost, I didn’t write any notes. I had a document open ready to take notes as usual but once Adrian had begun to reel off his past experiences in learning and what he’d learnt about learning it didn’t seem appropriate to dictate the technique to myself since we all have different ways of learning and hence different perspectives. Also Adrian presented himself with a fervour that I find few other lecturer and tutors have, which made his presentation a whole lot more engaging. This isn’t to say I didn’t take anything from the session however.

The question posed to us, ‘Why are you studying at University?’ was evident immediately to me. I appiled after a gap year post-VCE having a fairly sub-standard application for the same degree initially, and once I had concreted my interest in the Media degree I knew that it wasn’t so much the availability of technology that enticed me to study at University, but moreso the knowledge available between students and tutors alike, and particularly tutors with their years of experience in Media education and the industry.

The session prompted me to look at my own method of learning too; why and how I attend to and absorb information. This is something I am constantly trying to improve, and through the blogging format I’m extremely excited to get a start on the subject because the best kind of information I find is stuff that’s in constant circulation and discussion, hence my love for Twitter (you can see the link to my account on the right, which I use regularly).

The simple fact that Networked Media more heavily involves blogging and the internet as a media platform piques my interest – seeing as I spend 80% of my living time on there – so I’m excited to see what’s to come in the subject.