Blog Posts Weeks 2 – 11

Week 2
  • Organised and created a facebook group for the steering committee to stay in touch with each other
  • Started talking about our strengths, weaknesses, preferences for work
  • I suggested my own strength in graphic design and offering to handle setups and moving physical stuff around
Week 3
  • We settled on my main role as graphics/visual design
  • Started work on a basic poster design, wanted to focus on an image that evoked a feeling of triumph
  • The first being a teaser poster with minimal info and a big logo to establish a visual clue
  • This logo will be used throughout the semester’s media campaigns, and on other groups’ posters to tie them together
  • Worked on the beginnings of a main, informational poster to go up around the Uni
Week 4
  • Made finishing touches to main poster, referred to group multiple times on design and for final tweaks
  • We settled on final design and did test prints in Building 8 specialist printing
  • Began a poster run on weekend for main poster around Uni buildings, mainly 9 and 8
Week 5
Social Media
  • Seminars beginning this week with Social Media
  • Did another poster run for our final poster.
  • Covered cafe in Building 8 and the stairwell and library, swanston street entry to building 10, more in building 9, and building 94
  • These posters were A2 sized and provided much better visual coverage than A3
Week 6
  • Not a whole lot, pretty quiet week
  • Started designing a larger poster for printing to better display the event each Friday
  • Designed a taller, thinner version of the poster to get it printed on an X-Banner stand from Officeworks
  • We plan to print both of these this week
Week 7
Women in Media
  • Printed huge posters in lieu of X-banners, much easier and cheaper
  • These were A0 size and made for a great visual signage to show off the seminar
  • Put them in Building 80 just prior to seminar on main entryway and glass doors
  • Helped Women in Media group bump set pieces in and out
  • Picked up some gear for the group during bump in when they had left it behind
Week 8
  • Another quiet week
  • Considering further poster runs, to confirm availability with others
  • Helping bump in and bump out
  • Checking on remaining groups’ visual designs prior to their own poster runs
  • Advised on these posters to try and ensure a more cohesive visual design was completed
Week 9
  • Couldn’t make it to seminar this week
  • Stayed in touch with group, but not much I could help out with as most upkeep was taken care of
Week 10
  • Not much needed to be done without seminar in the week
Week 11
International Jobs
  • Helped bump in and advised on seating layout
  • Began discussing brief details for Week 12 presentation and what we will speak about to the cohort

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