As my piece is increasingly a minimal one the title needs to help contribute to the overall mood and meaning. I’ve spent some time considering a title, but haven’t tried too had to create one before I feel comfortable with one. I’ve come to think about perhaps White Gold due to the abundance of yellows and golds in and on the building. As I toyed around with the photographs I also ended up altering the white balance in otherwise white walled rooms to give them a shiny, light gold finish. I don’t feel this best encompasses my intentions of memory and time though.
What I’ve come up with now is to reference what Paul Gough came and talked to use about, and include the word ‘Cenotaph’ in the title, to illustrate the building as not simply an old structure, but as architecture and building materials that were used decades ago, as a building of history, of time, and of anachronisms. I thought maybe so far Golden Cenotaph or Time Indeterminate.

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