Key Words used for Korsakow

I thought it would be worth sharing the key words I used in Korsakow to build the database to better illustrate how I worked with the software. To explain it simply, Korsakow is a piece of database software, where media is loaded into it, and links are created in the form of shared defining key words for a file. The key words, in tandem with a custom interface design, generate links to the different media in a dynamic and more random way than conventional gallery software. Here are the ones I used.
Logic Key Words
ACWL – AnteChamber Wide Lower
ACDL – AnteChamber Detail Lower
ACWM – AnteChamber Wide Middle
ACDM – AnteChamber Detail Middle
ACWU – AnteChamber Wide Upper
ACDU – AnteChamber Detail Upper
CPW – Central Pen Wide
CPD – Central Pen Detail
CnrExtWL – Cnr Russell/LaTrobe Exterior Wide Lower
CnrExtDL – Cnr Russell/LaTrobe Exterior Detail Lower
CnrExtWU – Cnr Russell/LaTrobe Exterior Wide Upper
CnrExtDU – Cnr Russell/LaTrobe Exterior Detail Upper
CR2W – Court Room 2 Wide
CR2D – Court Room 2 Detail
CR3W – Court Room 3 Wide
CR3D – Court Room 3 Detail
HLTCR2 – Hallway LaTrobe Court Room 2
HLTCR3 – Hallway LaTrobe Court Room 3
HLTW – Hallway LaTrobe Wide
LTExtFaWL – LaTrobe Exterior Facade Wide Lower
LTExtFaDL – LaTrobe Exterior Facade Detail Lower
LTExtFaWU – LaTrobe Exterior Facade Wide Upper
LTExtFaDU – LaTrobe Exterior Facade Detail Upper
LTExtEntWL – LaTrobe Exterior Entry Wide Lower
LTExtEntDL – LaTrobe Exterior Entry Detail Lower
LTExtEntWU – LaTrobe Exterior Entry Wide Upper
LTExtEntDU – LaTrobe Exterior Entry Detail Upper
RuExtFaWL – Russell Exterior Facade Wide
RuExtFaDL – Russell Exterior Facade Detail
RuExtEntWL – Russell Exterior Entry Wide Lower
RuExtEntDL – Russell Exterior Entry Detail Lower
RuExtEntWU – Russell Exterior Entry Wide Upper
RuExtEntDU – Russell Exterior Entry Detail Upper
Abstract Key Words
Arch – Arches
Ang – Angular
Scra – Scratches
Orn- Ornate Details
Line – Long Straight Lines
WoFa – Wood Facades
Met – Metal
Sto – Stone
WaDe – Wall Details (clocks etc.)
Long – Long/Deep Shots
Tri – Triangles
Cir – Circular
HiLite – Highlighted/Bright Areas
Shad – Shadows
Sky – Blue Sky
I split them up into two categories being the logical progression of space that will be linked together (from one spot, to the spots next to it and so on), and the abstract characteristics of each image that are shared by multiple images. I tried to keep keywords short and simple just to save in typing time and space. I went through the images and noted the most pertinent details that were shared by several images and I would use those to link them.
I decided to keep logical links for two reasons. One is that, when the abstract links fail to maintain a recurring chain of links, the logical ones will keep the program running. Two is that is offers the user the option of progressing through the images logically if they prefer, over the sometimes seemingly random nature of the photograph characteristics.
The tedious part is typing in key words manually for each image. I also found upon completing this that the keyword Arch was for too abundant (as arches are a big feature of this style of architecture) and so I removed that as a key word after the fact.

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