Hang ups with Korsakow

Returning to Korsakow now, it’s absolutely a more robust program, and doesn’t crash or screw up nearly as much as it did last time I used it last year. The interface could use a lot more work still, but once you get the hang of the input it isn’t too bad at all.

It’s still a very manual program though, particularly with audio and image files, in that once you commit a file to the program, to alter it, you would have to delete the image, re-add it into the database, and then link it to the other media again. This can be an issue if you don’t plan ahead. There’s a lot of clicking too, and navigating the program can be tiresome at times, especially on a trackpad rather than a mouse. With what I’ve worked in it so far though, it’s not been too difficult.

I did have to ask around a bit to learn what each part of the program does (SNUs, Previews etc.), however that didn’t take to long to cover either. I requested an academic licence from the website, but they didn’t get back to me very quickly so I ended up buying a full version licence. Not long after I did though one of the creators of the program Florian contacted me and offered to refund me the extra money I paid for the full licence, which made me extremely happy with how they conduct themselves as a software proprietor.

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