Fitspo awakening


My search has subverted my original hypothesis that #fitspirational and #thinspirational were one and the same. It was a surprise how distinct the two categories were, as in general fitspiration seems replete with women who want to be healthy and thinspiration is for those who set out to be unhealthy.  It is overwhelmingly positive and a scroll through reveals positive messaging and motivation, alongside the occasional dual thinspo post of a girl whose legs are unnaturally far apart. There really isn’t a lot of diversity, most posts show already fit women, but I guess that’s where the idealised ‘fitspiration’ comes into things. Overwhelmingly it seems like material things are very much indicators of exercise success, a lot of the ‘inspiration’ comes from pretty work out gear looks. I myself today bought a pair or runners and running shorts and felt a wave of fitness potential just wash over me.yoch-1jgnj45

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