What’s happenin this week: Rachel Tice, Netwerking, Rehearsin

Once again, what a crazy week.

Did my first ever piece of professional networking which involved an exchange of business cards with a guy from the ‘StigmaWatch’ independent body. As an comms intern on a mental health campaign, a cursory knowledge of the restrictions, stigma and regulation journos face on the reportage of mental health issues and suicide just won’t cut it. It’s a murky idea, selling ‘stories’ to as fodder for journos, if those stories are as personal and gut wrenching as the ones I have heard however the only way to get outlets interested is presenting a human vessel for the story- which is why I’m heading up our ‘Everyday Ambassador’ program.

Got obsessed with the Youtube series, ‘The Most Popular Girls in School’ in my down time. It is genius, and so so funny. I’m currently also rehearsing for a play where I play a robot attempting to impersonate an old woman. The robot chooses three references from popular culture and flits between them with every line they deliver. The present references are

Witchy Poo/The Hag (voiced as Rachel Tiece from The Most Popular Girls in School)

Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey

Sylvia Fine from The Nanny

These are of course limited by being the only impressions I’m really good at doing, and since getting into TMPGiS I am perfecting my Rachel Tice voice. I’m using this vid as a ref:

Thus, I am too busy this week to attend to the unlecture and I’m annoyed about it,but I must ensure I am still getting money to fund my Marvellous Creations habit

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