VRU: Rugby without borders – Moorabbin’s American Connection

James Leonard and Nicholas Sacheli take the field for Moorabbin’s first grade

2013 has seen Moorabbin RUFC prove that Rugby is a truly international game, with the club hosting two players from the USA this year, both of whom have played pivotal roles in the club’s 2013 success.

Moorabbin, who currently sit in second on the Dewar Shield ladder have been significantly aided by forwards James Leonard and Nicholas Sacheli, who at the invitation of club treasurer Ashley Hudson, joined the club at the start of the year.

James, a former Polo player from Virginia, and Nicholas, an Italian American from up-state New York, forged a strong friendship with Ashley when he joined the local Union team while on exchange in the USA three years ago.

This year the pair travelled to Melbourne to join Ashley and Moorabbin for the 2013 season, and have had an exceptional impact of the club in both an on field and off field capacity.

Ashley and Moorabbin have been grateful for the hard work put in by the pair this year, and credit them for much of the success experienced by the club in 2013.

“The club initially thought that they would be second grade players at best, however their focus and determination has allowed James and Nick to break into the first grade side,” explained Hudson.

“Moorabbin’s first grade forward pack would definitely be incomplete this season without James and add in the support from the bench from Nick, our team has definitely benefitted from their involvement,”

“The pair has had an incredible impact on the club in both on the field and off. Both James and Nick have received Man of the Match honors in at least one of their first grade matches, and they have continued to add to the culture of the club, through their outstanding involvement in training and events.”

Players from all over have represented clubs across the VRU competitions, with players from Tonga, New Zealand and Sweden featuring amongst the list of internationals in Victoria this year.

With two players from the USA, a country not highly regarded for its involvement in Rugby Union, now added to list, the potential growth of Rugby both locally and internationally is immeasurable.

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