The Brick Wall – Final

Here is my completed short film, titled “The Brick Wall”

Length: 3:55

Synopsis: Viewers are led through a portal in Storey Hall to the beginnings of the Guild Hall Commune in 1917.


Writer, director, producer, cinematographer, sound, editor: George Downing

1st AD/1st AC: Rebecca Bozin

The intended purpose of this project is to take viewers on a journey through time, bringing the important events that took place in Storey Hall from the past into the present.

My role was to produce the entire film, therefore everything from casting to scoring to post-processing was up to me. Rebecca and I did work together to find the costumes as she did a photo-essay on the Guild Hall Commune. She came along to the shoot and took photos for her project after I had filmed, so we both assisted each other.

I think the overall idea worked quite well and I’m very happy with how the film looks and sounds. I’m confident that it elicits a “haunted” quality which is something I aspired to achieve. The main thing I would change if I could would be to make the run time longer and have more scenes inside the Commune.

I will write more about my experience producing this film in my final reflective post.


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