16.03.15 Unpublished

Experiencing my first editing today in the lectorial I began to wonder what is the purpose of editing, aside from the obvious; to tell a story and piece together information. What else can you achieve? There are countless effects and ways to manipulate images and sound, how does this affect the viewer? Perhaps editing has […]

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But really?

A certain few things have flung but and smacked me hard enough to plaster me to the pavement. Regardless, my readings and assignments seem to be up to date and many things seem to be ticking along.

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Edward de Bono

The six thinking hats were used today in the tutorial as we discussed one another work in depth. This meant we were not allowed to say it was “Good” or “Not so good”, feedback had to be in depth and focussed, specific and to the point. Each hat represents something – what did you like, […]

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Lo-Fi Poems

Fragile I despise my fragility no, not weakness. fragility. Like a petal, pretty to look at, soft to touch, fleeting, but fragile. His malice, her potency, their love. All too malignant for fragile little me. I am fickle to the bone unstable and changeable     Original Poem Text for self portrait

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Two in one

With a backdrop as plain as my bedroom blind, I never guessed I would create such incredible results. Using a slow shutter speed and double flash I managed to capture one of my favourite personal assets, my hair. It has changed from platinum blonde, to natural red and almost everywhere in between. The vibrant movement […]

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