Project Brief 3 Feedback

We had in depth group discussions about our pieces. This was helpful although our time got cut short and i was unable to receive full feedback which was disappointing. Using the hats as referenced earlier we made specific points about what we did and didn’t like and how they could make it even better. After receiving feedback I feel confident, my group all got a real sense of who Micha was, they enjoyed the combination of original and found footage and felt the music and dialogue was very suitable to portray his laid back personality. They also said that the fluidity helped and having sections of the cartoon throughout prevented it from being to sequential. I was most happy to hear that people felt they already knew Micha from this, and that it was specific enough to have continuity and be achievable yet broad enough to cover his personality and capture a real sense of knowing a person.

I also took a lot away from commenting on others work. Particularly Fabiana, who created a piece about Ellen. I found that her motif was so simple that it managed to so strongly capture an atmosphere that would have been difficult to do with original footage. The look of her found footage made it seem old and nostalgic, very much like a memory. The short motif was repeated and made a real story build throughout the piece. I found that this was extremely effective. I suggested that a creative possibility would be to include how creative Ellen was, she speaks about a memory of drawing in multiple colours and patterns all down her driveway, if Fabiana could present this visual memory somehow it would be really vivid. It would have also been fantastically contrasted to the rest of the video which was quite monochromatic.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the briefs, and when something intimate or personal is able to be revealed without sacrificing privacy, it was very effective. I think it was a lot easier to do this on someone else other than yourself because analysing yourself can be difficult, we are blocked by what we see in the mirror or what we may or may not want to reveal, with someone else it is about explaining and exploring what is already there and trying to portray it. I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment.

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