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NX70 Guide
Journo Shooting Guide

EX3 Handbook + EX3 Manual
X200 Handbook + X200 Manual

FS5 II Handbook + Video Explainer

Z7 Handbook + Z7 Manual

Z5 Camera Guide plus Camera Flashcard Operation

Camera log sheet

Calling the Shots

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Zoom F4 instruction sheet
Zoom F4 Manual

Tex Sound Tips
10 Audio Recording Tips


Further reading & viewing

Understanding Aperture and F stops on I Still Shoot Film

Depth of Field

School Video News White Balance 101 & Colour Temperatures explained

Colour Theory and Colour Wheels

How to movs Cable Coiling, Setting up C stands

Lighting Presentation

Media & Communication Tech Services 009.01.06


dsr450 camera set-up dsr450 manual
pd170 handbook
z1p handbook
Camera Hard Drive set up

Sound Device Mixer Handbook
Sound Device 302 Manual

Marantz Solid State Recorder