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Lentara 3.2 – Wicked Problems

  This term, Wicked Problems, has been thrown around a few times in our studio over the last couple weeks. But what exactly is it? “A wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognise. The use of term “wicked” here has come to…

Lentara 3.1 – The role of Story

The story. It’s vital to our overarching goal: Communicating Lentara’s work in community. The studio’s discussion mostly aligned with the ShowerCaravan project, but the principles can be applied to many projects, including my team’s task of acquiring and promoting the Lentara Identity.  The communicable story, in our case the Identity, needs to be an amalgamation of information gathered from the stories…

Lentara 2.3 – Fancy New Words

Exposure to the Communication Design field was something I was certainly looking forward to in this semester’s Media studio. While it overlaps in many aspects with my Media degree, I have already been introduced to new ideas or concepts, and would like to document the new findings here. ‘Return Brief’ As per my understanding, a Return Brief is a statement…

Lentara 2.2 – Tactical Urbanism

I’m going to conduct a little self experiment in this post. Before today I had never come across the idea of Tactical Urbanism, and without any research yet (not even a google search), I’m confidently still in the dark on this one. This entry will be split into two parts; my interpretation/assumption of the concept, based solely off its title,…

Lentara 2.1 – Research Methods

After digesting the thoughts of academic writer, John Law, and taking advice from my tutorial, it’s time to think a little bit about the methods of research we’re going to use throughout the semester’s collaborative work with Lentara. “what happens when social science tries to describe things that are complex, diffuse and messy. The answer, I will argue, is that…

Lentara 1.3 – Five projects, Endless Possibilities (P.2)

In my previous entry, I discussed 2 of 5 Lentara proposed projects, one of which I will be contributing to over the next 3-4 months. As I am unsure which I will be assigned to, I had a quick think about the possibilities surrounding each section of Lentara. Here’s a few thoughts and ideas on the remaining 3. Lentara Identity…

Lentara 1.2 – Five projects, Endless Possibilities (P.1)

In my first blog entry I introduced Lentara and the many services it offers to assist struggling community members. But what can I, or we as a collective Media and Design student body do to assist Lentara? We’ve come to the conclusion that within groups, we’ll focus on various Lentara campaigns or projects, to improve or create awareness, attract more…

Lentara 1.1 – What Am I Dealing With?

Hey again! It’s been a while… This is my first post of many regarding the RMIT University Media studio, ‘Non-fiction Design – Lentara’. There’s clearly two parts in that title that will come to overlap through the duration of this 12-week course. Prior to the first tutorials, the idea of ‘non-fiction design’ seemed straightforward and understandable enough; creating truthful media…

‘Rock Bottom Live’ – the must-see TV show.

‘ROCK BOTTOM LIVE was a multiple-episode 30-minute variety show, aimed at cheering up students during the torturous exam period. 9 cameras over three locations, two control rooms, 35 crew, a live audience as well as a public online audience, a Twitter feed, comedians and live bands.RBLIVE

My roles were as DIRECTOR of episode 2, and CAMERA and LIGHTING of episode 1.
It was an incredible experience, collaborating with wonderful people.


EPISODE 2 (starts at 3.25)

In case you missed the shows:

EP 1 – https://vimeo.com/129210638
EP 2 – https://vimeo.com/129849487 (starts at 3.25)


Behind The Bricks – Lifestyle Documentary Episode


Broadcast Media RMIT Production, 2014.
Created by Evan Bryce, Mia Zen, Nick Gibbons.
Using Better Homes and Gardens as inspiration, we showcase one of Melbourne’s hidden gems, while adapting to of the style, conventions and techniques used in the Host Program.

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