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Lentara 4.1 – Ideas Worth A Try

To kick off from where I left it last time, I’ll put forward a few of the genuine, plausible ideas that arose from discussion with Lentara staff.

“for 124 years, UnitingCare has been a ‘quiet achiever’… “we’re good at what we do, but we don’t tell that story well” – Ann-Maree Colborne, Lentara CEO

Part of our task is to enhance that story, allow the public to be aware of the good that Lentara does, create the urge to assist financially or otherwise, which then goes back into the organisation to improve ongoing or additional projects. While my team is being allowed to work without restrictions or borders, to be creative and think outside the square, we have to accept that there are time restrictions limited to one semester, and therefore can’t save the world all at once. During our meeting at Broadmeadows, we mustered up a few concepts, as follows.

  1. The corporate pack

Lentara works as a partner with a number of organisations (NAB, Shine, CAT, etc.). While there are already solidified relationships, we were discussing the possibility of approaching new companies (such as supermarkets Coles or Woolworths to donate their unsellable foods). Unfortunately in the corporate world, it’s rare that someone gets something without getting something in return. Obvious NFP are often an exception, however potential sponsors always have criteria to be met. One of our ideas was to create a corporate pack, something to give to potential partners / sponsors. Within this pack would be an updated, modern, eye-catching overview of Lentara. It would include examples of case-studies (what real change does it make), and how they can help the company and how the company can help them. Until recently, Lentara’s flyers, pamphlets and informative booklets have either conveyed too much or too little, were aesthetically uninteresting and failed to completely serve the purpose it was intended for. They have been updated and improved, however a specific corporate proposal, according to Jeff Jones, is needed.

  1. Infographics

This was one of my own ideas, which sparked during our discussion of the ‘how to spread the word of donating’ problem. Personally, I like to know exactly what my money is getting me with any expenditure, and a donation is no different, especially considering elusive charity behaviour in the news recently.. I’m certain there are countless others who share this view. So I propose the question, what exactly does $100 donation provide? The answer, in an easy to understand, and eye-catching infographic, would say something along the lines of: 3 weeks food for a malnourished family, a term in school for struggling kids, etc, etc. Obviously research is required, but simply knowing that you can make a real difference, knowing what exactly your money is going to will encourage more donors. World Vision execute this similarly and effectively, with ads stating for example, “for just $2 a day, little Joey won’t go hungry”.

  1.  Creating our own campaign

A stock image (below right) is the new face of the Vulnerable Children’s campaign. We’ve been encouraged to look outside the box and not limit ourselves, and whilst this needs further discussion, a new campaign all together, with the purpose of awareness could be exactly what Lentara needs.


Outdated flyer (left), New-look newsletter (right)


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