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Recently, we’ve been discussing what our seminar should actually be about. What the focus should be. What should drive the discussion. Marta mentioned a point that really stuck with me: how do these documentary makers balance corporate work with passion projects? I feel that this question is so relevant to any future in any sort of creative industry. I definitely think that I’m going to struggle with navigating between what I need to do in order to make money and what I want to do to satisfy myself creatively when I become more involved with the film industry. Because this concept resonates so much with me, I’ve been pushing for this angle to be one of the main focus points for our seminar. I really think that a lot of people will want to hear the guests’ take on this challenge.

Because being a part of the video team has been taking up so much of my attention, it was suggested that perhaps someone else should help Kate with the social media side of things. Mark has now been allocated to this role after having been absent for the first few weeks. I think this will allow things in the video department and social media areas to run far more smoothly now that roles aren’t overlapping and we have enough eyes on every aspect of the seminar.

The group has also been talking about what food to get and how to dress the lecture theatre. We’re thinking of handing out bags of sherbet, again in line with the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas theme. David has also mentioned that he has a relative who works somewhere foody and can supply us with dips and meats and things. Marta has been brainstorming about having colourful lighting and projections in the lecture theatre when the audience arrives.

Other ideas that we’ve had are that we should all wear Hawaiian shirts as our uniform during the seminar. I think it’s a great plan!

We’ve all been sharing ideas via the Facebook group, and my video team has also been communicating separately and brainstorming ideas via our Facebook group conversation.

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