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We’ve got about 12 people in our group and have divided tasks between ourselves.

Since I need as much practice as I can get behind the camera, I jumped at the chance to be a shooter on the seminar video team. I’m on this team with Carl and Michael. We’re also creating the promo video for our seminar, and are currently in the process of bouncing ideas off each other. Carl is taking the reins for these videos, Michael is in charge of the edit, and I was last to jump on board so I’m just helping them create their vision / occasionally pitching ideas. We’ve been conversation in a Facebook group message about how we’ll shoot the promo video and seminar.

Carl’s concept for the promo video is a simple doco style (how appropriate) interview with a couple of the seminar group members describing what they want to get out of the seminar. If we can do it with finesse and brevity, this could be quite a nice little trailer. I do, however, think that we should try to merge this with the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas visual style so that we keep all of our seminar themes together – it’s better branding than having themes presented discretely (e.g. doco theme presented through style of promo video, but Fear and Loathing theme presented in poster, etc.). We want to make sure that the audience doesn’t have to work hard to figure out our brand. We want to maintain a consistent image across all boards so that who we are and what we are doing and what it’s all part of is clear.

I also put my hand up to support Kate with social media. Little action has been taken with that at the moment, because I keep getting side-tracked with the video team. But hopefully we’ll figure out a plan in the coming week.



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