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In the lecture we screened a short film called ‘End of the Line’ – the film shot in Broken Hill.  Please describe in 300 words or less if you think they achieved what they set out to do. You may not remember much detail, if so, it could be helpful to talk about your first impressions, after all this is what most of us are left with after one viewing. The treatment which we showed in the lecture is avalaible hereFeel free to write to any categories you wish. eg. story, choice of participants, sound, camera, editing etc. 

I don’t remember that much about ‘End of the Line’. What I do remember is the old woman talking – very matter-of-factly – about coming to Broken Hill to die. That was the thing that struck me the most from the film. Her character. I remember her having some incredible things to say about death (although I can’t recall exactly what), and, even more intriguingly, saying them in such a nonchalant manner.
I definitely think the group achieved their intended aesthetic. I remember cutaways to the stark surroundings while the subjects spoke about how happy they were living there (as intended in the treatment). I remember the subjects’ “weathered faces” and “rough skin” being enhanced by the natural sunlight (also intended in the treatment). There were plenty of shots of the red, vast, harsh “natural landscape”. I’d say the group knew exactly what they wanted to achieve with the film visually.
I think the group achieved their intended concept, but I also think they got more from the subjects than they thought they would get (the old woman’s intimate and philosophical discussion about death). I love the concept – exploring the philosophies of people who live away from what many deem ‘civilisation’. People who live away from the ‘necessities’ of electronics and immediate services and gigantic shopping centres and networks of roads and buildings. Those who live away from the fast-paced lifestyle, the bustling city, the fabricated world. Those who opt for separation from all that we deem necessary to live, and still live fulfilling lives. There’s also something conceptually satisfying for the film about the name of the place it is centred on, ‘Broken Hill’. I think the group did a really nice job.

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