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What did you do well?

  • Kept up with the readings.
  • Kept up with lecture topics.
  • Kept up with sketch tasks and put a lot of effort into them.
  • Linked to other students’ blog posts and built upon their ideas.
  • Put a lot of effort into blog posts. Particularly early on. Went into detail about lecture discussions and readings. Expanded upon ideas. Went looking for more information. Actively researched. Actively connected and interpreted concepts.
  • Built competence with Korsakow software


What have you learnt to do better?

  • I’ve learnt to do blog posts that don’t just summarise things. I did a lot of blog posts that picked out a point and immersed itself in that point. Interpreted that point. Explored that point. Researched that point. Expanded that point. Took that point to a completely different place. Stream of consciousness blog posts are incredibly good things to do.
  • Build upon other students’ ideas and acknowledge their blog posts.
  • External research
  • Further thinking
  • Assess sketch videos (technical and creative competence).


What could you have learnt to do better?

  • Quality in blog posts declined a bit towards the end. The more recent blog posts weren’t as good quality as the older ones (the ones at the beginning of this semester). I started to summarise again.
  • Higher attendance at classes and lectures (although I always followed up on whatever I missed). And greater attention in lectures.
  • More timely blog posts. More consistent blog posts – all throughout week rather than just the day before participation grading each week.

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