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Week 11.

Looking at Lauren’s sketch vid.

Brief: Make a six to ten second clip that is about your immediate family (your immediate relations) – however, you cannot show anyone’s face.

I like this video. It’s a cool interpretation of the brief.

I like how it’s the same eye–the left eye–for each family member. I reckon it would have been even better if the dog’s left eye had been shot instead of its right. The dog shot makes me laugh though.

I like the editing between different eye colours. It’s incredibly striking to cut between different eye colours.

I’m really intrigued by the final shot because I can’t tell if it’s Lauren’s own eye or her sibling’s eye. It really looks like Lauren. But it might not be. It’s messin’ with meee.

I reckon what could have made this video even cooler would be having an atmos track of the family just living–e.g. someone cooking dinner, someone watching TV, occasional dialogue, etc. It would be kind of cool. The sync sound already in the video gave me that idea. The sync sound for last shot has other family members interacting in the background.

Although I really like the choice to shoot her family’s eyes, I’m not sure it completely fulfils the brief (“you cannot show anyone’s face”). I also did this. I got my mum’s eye in one shot of my sketch vid for that task. Does an eye count as showing someone’s face? Or is it passable because it’s only part of the face? Not the entire face. (Does it even matter? Haha)

Nice sketch vid!!!

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