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So the last weeks of the semester are fast approaching. Making me freak out. And making me think about what I’ve learnt in Integrated Media 1 so far. I don’t really know what I’ve learnt. Theres been so much discussion about Korsakow, yes. And yes this has been exciting, new, intriguing, useful stuff. I’ve loved learning about Korsakow specifically. I’ve loved looking at different Korsakow works and interpreting them. I’ve loved working in this crazy cool thing of interactive filmmaking. I’ve loved delving into the ideas surrounding what we’re doing. But I feel like we’ve kind of just gone around in circles the whole semester. I don’t know where that has got us. I suppose that’s the whole idea of the nonlinear platforms we’re exploring though. But I kind of wanted this subject to go somewhere in the final weeks of semester. To finally reveal to us something new, further, different. But we’ve just backtracked and gone around in circles again. It’s becoming a little monotonous. Nonlinearity. Narrative vs non-narrative. Lists. Korsakow. Nonlinearity. Narrative vs non-narrative. Lists. Korsakow. I just want something extra. Something different. Something that assembles these ideas, mixes them together, and generates some greater meaning of the entire subject. That I haven’t heard of yet. Or at least just some new idea. Huh. I suppose I want some sort of resolution. Conclusion. Closure. Everything this subject is arguing against. It’s not a new idea. But perhaps I’ll just have to accept that–the impossibility of closure–as the closure.

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