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We have a change of tutor. Welcome back, Brian! I’m gonna miss good old Adrian, but Brian is super nice.


This tute, we talked about why we are learning about design fiction. This was a good question. I’m so used to learning about indisputable things that I’ve developed the habit of just blindly going along with whatever topic without questioning its purpose. What is the objective? Why are we learning about design fiction? Well, aside from the fact that it’s a good thing to learn about.

Brian talked about its usefulness as a method that permits creation without so many constraints. I – personally – think constraints are really helpful. They teach you to be resourceful, inventive, and often lead to great things. But I also value the lifting of constraints. There is so much potential in free-thinking. Experimenting. Exploring. Playing with ideas.


This brings us to the notion of play. Brian described play and experimentation as a certain “discipline”. This week, the word ‘play’ has been frequently paired with ‘work’. I guess because play is incredibly productive. Free-thinking. Imagining.


Imagining. In my eyes, design fiction is rationalising through imagination. That’s my interpretation, anyway. Rationalising through imagining. Reason paired with the opposite of reason. Perhaps that’s what makes design fiction so valuable…


This is a video that was released by Microsoft in 2011, showing their vision of what 2019 will be like. I think it’s the brother video to the one I included in an earlier post. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. EVERYTHING RUNS SO SMOOTHLY. IT’S LIKE MAGIC.

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