Networked Media Week 11 Video

1. How did you author (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
I’ve made sure to continue with my theme of my photo showing the aesthetic of an object with the video showing the practical affordances of the object. However, this video breaks the mould if only a little. Instead of showing the design’s practically, I am showing the flaw of the drawers. This is the iron runner on one side of the second drawer has fallen off years ago, leaving the wooden sides to grind against one another and put a strain on the runner on the other side. This makes the drawer very clunky and difficult to use. When you are unaware of this issue, most people will quickly assume the drawer is jammed and unusable. Admittedly this is more of a flaw due to the old age of the furniture rather than the design itself however we received the item as a donation from its previous owner being a family that didn’t want it. Overall however, when viewing the drawer from the perspective of the video, these details aren’t necessary to show off the full design on the drawers.

2. How did you publish (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
I had to film the take a few times to ensure the design flaw of the object was clear, hence why I also kept the audio. However, in case the video had difficulty conveying it, I captioned the video with ‘It’s missing it’s a runner on one side so can’t function properly. Still holds my clothes at least.’ This ensured that the viewer would also know what to look for and listen for if they didn’t notice it the first time. I made sure to post it soon after the matching photo to the same account @networked_media. Additionally, now that the matching photo encourages viewers to view the video, I’m hopeful it fits in better to how content is meant to be created for Instagram

3. How did you distribute (the photo or video) you published on Instagram to other social media services?
Ok, I will admit, at the time of writing this, my posts for this week’s photo and video had been uploaded for most of the day. However, I received a notification in the afternoon that the video on Tumblr had been flagged for containing ‘adult content’. This is a renowned problem on the platform of bots flagging posts on the site randomly to prevent adult content on the site. I’ve submitted an appeal to the site, but i don’t have high hopes. Regardless, The post is primarily on Instagram and has also been shared to Twitter. Each of them held the same tags; ‘#drawers #chestofdrawers #video #design #flaw #designflaw #broken #furniture and #wooden’. All things relating to the image in some way and being varied enough to reach a wider audience. As stated in my last post, I also turned on geotagging for these posts, tagging them to my location to allow for wider distribution to viewers that look up the area on Instagram.

Admittedly the answers on all my posts to this question are very similar, but this is due to the streamlined process of distributing photos and videos on platforms like Instagram. It’s the same simple process for everyone and everything to allow for easy accessibility. It is only as complicated as you wish to make it to reach a wider audience. – Post has been taken down at this time. Still in pending

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