Networked Media Week 10 Video

1. How did you author (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
Similarly to the initial photograph, I positioned my phone above the camera, however further away to show the label of the lens (a 24-1005mm lens) and to show my hand moving. By using my hand to turn the lens, I’m able to extend the lens up, which would be zooming in and out for the actual camera. By doing so, I’m able to show off the simple, easy to work design of the camera. The affordance is showing how the turning of the camera lens extends it further out or inwards, changing the view of the camera as shown by how the lights reflecting inside the camera also switch back and forth in accordance to the zooming. While in hindsight, I believe I should have shown more of the lens, I think this shows the sleek and smooth design of the camera lens, and it’s functionality well. To match the accompanying photo, I used the same filters; Paris to hide the grain and then Clarendon to provide the blue hue to match. I additionally adjusted the brightness on the image, although not by much as I still wanted the labels and my movements to be visible to the viewer. I also kept audio on the video as I find it keeps these videos feeling more organic like how I want them to be portrayed.

2. How did you publish (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
I took multiple takes for the video as it was hard to fix the timing to something I was happy with. It was challenging to decide on one that captured the organic, but not clunky feel I wanted. However, I didn’t have too many takes since I still don’t like the long process of taking and saving photos and videos. It was published to the same profile @networked_design to ensure all the media is available in one spot. To link the videos, I again answered the question to my previous photo with the caption ‘My way is through a camera lens.’ I always make sure to upload my photo and video each week back to back to make sure people are more likely to see at least one of the two posted media forms.

3. How did you distribute (the photo or video) you published on Instagram to other social media services?
The video was uploaded to Instagram and the two other accounts on Tumblr and Twitter. Again, due to the strange glitch, I just used the Tumblr desktop interface to upload the video. All three used the hashtags’ #camera #cameralens #lights #video #lens #reflecting’. I made sure this time to keep them near the same other than photo and video as I wanted to ensure the content is spread out to the relevant viewers and not being forced onto others that are not looking for content like this. I have noticed when uploading to Instagram that it gives the option to upload the photo or video to your chosen site automatically. However, I don’t use this and instead, post the image on the sites. I have multiple accounts for personal and university-related content, and I don’t like the risk of uploading to the wrong one. While I would rather go through the longer steps, I think this is a clever idea to help creators automatically upload content without having to upload to multiple sites one after the other. Each time I use the app, I find that I learn and appreciate a little more about the app and its user-friendly interface.

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