K-Analysis 2

We were looking at analysing K-films again. I decided to look at “BoyMeetsGirl” from 2010.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the 2010 films don’t have backgrounds. Maybe backgrounds weren’t in the latest software update of the time? not sure. But I feel like the black works in this one. This K-Film is as the title would suggest. It feels as if it is about a guy who meets a girl and cheats on his current girlfriend with her. The composition is balanced although it would be safe to assume that they just used the standard default so all I can really talk about is the content.

The clips highly rely on human nature and having people in them, rather than having random vox pops there are central chracters in it, which would allude to more of a narrative piece than an abstract one. It doesn’t call on you to wrack your imagination as much as others would but individualised interpretation is definitely a factor here.

The reason the black background works is because there are a lot of adult themes in this K-Film. The black harkens to a more sinister, sinful premise.