So the Internet is down at home and I’m on the brink of killing something. Not really, that is such a fucked concept though. Killing someone because you’re angry at something else. Even if I had intentions to kill someone I don’t think I would have the courage or headspace to carry it out. To have it in you to kill someone… Man that is som crayyy.

Anyway so I can’t do readings as of yet! I could do them on my phone but I’m not a huge fan of reading page corners.

20130818-102652.jpg so yes. Information.

So I might as well rack up as many non subject related posts up on my phone while I can. Mind you I’m on the bus to work. To-werk. Twerk.

Still thinking it’s amazing that I can use my phone to write a blog post. My text typing is pretty proficient. I can look up at where I’m going and type the message. I’m doing it now. How am I hoingv. Yep. Swimmingly…. I’m using an iPhone 4. I’ve developed a habit of double spacing at the end of messages. That means I always have a full stop at the end of my texts. Apparently it’s the international signifiers that I’m angry or a dickhead. Oops. I just do it automatically. When I send a message without a full stop I’m angry. But it got me thinking. Technically it’s 2 extra characters. So how much would I have saved on data usage (iMessage) had I not used all those full stops? I’d say I’m
Hitting the triple digits well and truly.

I was born at a pretty good time I reckon. Simply because I could type this up just as quickly on my phone than on my laptop. Not to say I’m a slow typer but I fast texter also laptops have distractions… Remind me to chuck a video here.