The Idea Ocean

So for our first tutorial we were grouped in pairs. In our pairs we discussed our thoughts on the unlecture and our interpretation of Adrian’s self-written passage on what this course is all about.

A pretty poetic piece although straightforward in its message. The ocean represents the wealth of ideas that surround us in this cohort, we are seen as the either the boat or the person in the boat. It eludes to a world of infinite possibilities that course in almost unlimited direction.

You dip an oar, seeking something over there, enjoying the whirl and whorl of water around the oar.

This section underlines the importance of getting by in a self-directed manner. The journey will only go where you take it. The subject as the boat is doing its boat responsibilities keeping me afloat these endless waters. We just have to adapt to the current and go where we want to.

Not in the boat? That’s a paddlin’