“Don’t think of yourselves as content producers”

In this weeks ‘unlecture’ Adrian explained an interesting point to the class: “Don’t think of yourselves as content producers”. This sentence makes sense if Bruno Latour’s actor-network theory is understood. The actor-network theory (ANT) is a sociological-anthropological theory and method to be used when investigating social phenomenons. ANT describes a network. The network that occurs between heterogeneous and non-heterogeneous actors is the network that produces content, because it is both the heterogeneous and non-heterogeneous actors that acts and it is the relations between those act that creates the final content. An example is the man and the gun. The man can’t shoot someone without the gun and the gun can’t shoot someone without the man, but together they become able to shoot someone (See picture below). So the ANT assume objectives is equivalent with subjectives when it comes to creating the actual action in the end. In relation to networked media and our blogging in this course, we yourselves are not content producers. I am just a student that are able to spell, and therefor at can write down my thoughts. But my computer is another actor that has a keyboard and the internet is the actor that provides me the URL. So in collaboration we work together a blogpost. You might even say that the content in the end is created not only by me and my computer, but in collaboration with other students/teachers in this course and their computers.