Week 6

So, how does hypertext relate to storytelling in different media? During the beta symposium  I thought about one of my other subjects this semester – “Introduction to Advertising”. When doing a advertising campaign it is important to choose the correct media channels for the campaign in order to target the right audience. With hypertext and hyperlinks it is possible for advertisers to create a whole universe around a brand, using different platforms and types of media and furthermore different kinds of storytelling.

Adrian said that the why the hypertext subject figure in Networked Media, is because hypertext is about small parts that together perform a whole. It is not about navigation, it is about structure. The IT University Copenhagen is annually launching the “48HourGames” which shortly is about programmers, creative gamers and others having 48 hours to complete some sort of a computer game. People behind the event created a documentary about the event in 2012 and it was first shown at the CPH DOX as a interactive documentary in a cinema. The documentary is a good example of how hypertext can interfere with different genres, and therefor extend the genre and its attributes.

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