Who do you think you are?

Am I an expert? According to Adrian I can be on my blog: “We all know experts, about something, who aren’t employed in that area. Now they can share and show that expertise”. Now I’ve spend around 2 weeks considering what my expertise could be? I know this may sound weird and stupid, but in Denmark we have these unwritten laws that goes under the name “Janteloven” (Who-do-you-think-you-are-law) which is an aggregation of ten rules that most people in Denmark grow up with. You could say that this law doesn’t really add up with the way we use social media today, where it’s always about telling your friends and the public about what you do, who your friends are and so on. This we do without asking ourselves; who do we think we are? I grew up with these ten rules and therefor I can’t help that they are pretty much stuck in the back of my head! Because of that I’m having a hard time trying NOT to ask myself; who do you think you are? Why are you so important that people would actually read what you are writing?

But but but… I think I know what I could be an expert in! Since I’m a study abroad student from Denmark I could write about being a danish girl in Melbourne. Clever right? This might also be a good opportunity for me to collect photos and memories, even though I’m still not completely comfortable with the whole “me, me, me” concept. Oh well, let’s see if that changes during this semester.



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