Return to the Unlecture

I’m back! And I don’t use exclamation marks lightly. After suffering from Gastro for a whole week (and I’m still not sure I’m completely over it) I was able to return to the 3rd unlecture. While the unlecture did not stray to much from the style of the first, and thereby the usual structure of a lecture, I still found it to be an intriguing experience as Adrian had many thoughts and nuggets of information to impart, and quite topically I found it to be quite necessary.

I feel I gained quite a bit when Adrian displayed a question that went something along the lines of ‘why is it necessary to come to the lectures?’. Adrian’s answer not only qualmed the pockets of frustration and confusion I had towards this subject (which I’m sure was felt by many others throughout the cohort), but really helped put into perspective how lucky we all are to be partaking in such and extraordinary and pioneering course for a uni degree. As Adrian said, how many other uni students have the opportunity to interact and put to light any questions with their teaching staff? Even if the subject may not quite be a well oiled machine yet, it rally does show much promise.
If I can take only one thing away from this lecture, it would hopefully be the motivation to stop fighting against having to change the way I thought of education and to let myself be open to different learning. While I never really agreed with the manner of teaching in VCE I have it so drummed into me, so this may be a slow process, but I’m willing to make an effort as the benefits look exponential

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