Design Fiction

Firstly I would just like to say that I think this would have to be one of the few times this year where I have genuinely been stimulated and invested in a course reading and excited to read on as opposed to figuring out how long I have until the reading will be over, so cheers Networked Media teaching team.

What a fabulous thing it is to put speculative thinking into an actual practise of Design Fiction. That was my first reaction upon commencing the reading. I was then caught up on a wild stream of thoughts, as I thought about all the avenues of life Design Fiction can be applied to. My mind was immdiately taken to the obvious forms of Design Fiction with the science fiction genre and technology like the ones Steve Jobs brought to fruition. But then I arrived on the (slightly scary) concept of applying Desing Fiction to humans themselves and a possible future where this could become a potentiality.

Upon this thought I’m reminded of how Jasmine was talking about the film ‘Gatacca‘ and how that poses the scenario of modifying the human race to having perfect genetic. I also read Anh’s entry which thought about the behaviours of children being a part of the Design Fiction of their parents….

Also there were some points of contention I had with the reading, Amongst the practice of design fiction, what emphasis is put on the efforts to make this vision a reality? Or does the crux of the activity lie within the process of imagining and promoting speculative thinking, Another murky area of Design Fiction is the provisions Torie Bosch’s reading in particular, puts on the quality of ideas in design fiction, however this begs the question that in such a highly imaginative and creative avenue, what constitutes an idea too obsurd, as I’m shore all initial plans for modern technology would have attracted cynicism

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now because I could speculate for hours… But that’s the beauty of it I guess.

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