The Faces Of Facebook

The Faces Of Facebook app/website thingo. THIS IS BIZARRE. As the Network Media blog wrote on this post , this is the result of the plethora of networks and loose connections that are omitted into the internet.

There’s nothing more humbling and frightening then seeing how many billions of other people have complete online words and identities, use their laptops for hours on end and have a complete social and personal environment in the network. Not just I am doing this, not just everyone in this room, or this university, or this city… but the 1 and half BILLION people on facebook are doing this. It really makes me think about what Adrian said the other day about the carbon footprint on the internet. The network is so vast and unimaginably large. It’s full of loose ties and connections running left and right and up and down all over the virtual environment.

I can’t find myself. That’s upsetting. I’m such an insignificant dot on the Facebook population….

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