The iFuture is here.

This article by VICE (my positively favourite news/reporting/photography/videography agency in the world) is incredible interesting. And terrifying.

MOTHERBOARD: The New Iphone Might Just Change Everything

It talks about how the two new iPhones revealed yesterday (one merely gold-plated with fingerprint technology and the other colourful) could potentially revolutionise the world.


For starters, the new iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner just might change everything, according to Fast Company. Apple is aiming to

“… make you and your iPhone two parts of a whole. This humble fingerprint sensor, hidden away under the home button, is just the latest evolution to a product that Apple has been trying to build for 30 years …

The future Apple wants us to be heading toward is one in which we are all intermingled with Apple. A future where, united with Apple through design, we do not so much buy Apple devices as we are the device. A future where it’s not just you, but iYou. And if Apple pulls it off, it all starts today, with a fingerprint.”

In other futuristically terrifying words, Apple’s fingerprint sensor is trying to turn us into Apple technologies. But to be honest, that doesn’t scare me so much. It’s not ineffective or destructive technology that is taking over our lives as we know it. Yes, it’s changing society completely and turning us into capitalist brain-dead zombies, but it’s not trying to turn us into murdering racist psychopaths.

The camera . Has anyone noticed that Apple is becoming one of the most popular ‘camera’ companies? Hardly anybody uses little digital cameras anymore; it’s iPhones or DSLRs.

The gold model is single-handedly bringing ‘gold’ back into fashion; it’s flashy, extravagant and expensive looking.

Finally, the cheap colourful $100 model is wiping rival phone brands out of the water with its unapologetic durability and affordability.

Summing up this entire article, Brian Merchant states:

“So there you have it; after one day and the release of two consumer electronics, there are suddenly some big and stirring changes afoot: Apple has officially launched its campaign to make you (or iYou, if you insist) its biggest product, Apple has begun its dominance of the digital camera market, Apple has made the color gold fashionable again, and Apple is about to destroy its competition with an indestructible-but-affordable step-up iPhone. Is any of it this true? Who knows? I said “might” after all.”

The iFuture. It’s begun.





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