Unlecture #2

From what I could tell from today, the “unlecture” format works. The things that i was a little unsure of were answered and I now feel confident with what a can/cannot and should/should not put in this blog. For instance, while I was aware that we have an exceptional amount of freedom in what we choose to publish, I was still quite intimidated by that freedom, I was “without a paddle” as it were. Simply by elaborating and giving examples with where we could go with this freedom, I got renewed confidence that I would not get too hindered by the limitless choices I could make.

However, I am still unsure of what the rest of the unit will be like, especially the lectures. While today everyone had similar questions in mind, i can only speculate what we will learn in future weeks, and what questions we will be inspired to ask. Considering the directed learning is largely dictated through the readings, I can see only a small amount of time being used to address questions that relate directly to the course. What then do we discuss in the rest of the time? When we start work on the Wiki then perhaps the questions will be more focused, interesting and relevant to everyone, but as it stands at this early stage, I find it hard to anticipate how the “unlecture” will evolve.