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Books without Pages, Novels without Endings, J. Douglas


I actually just started reading this. Literally. Right. Now. (or 30 seconds ago), and felt the urge to start a blog post about this reading.

“What if you had a book that changed every time you read it?”- Michael Joyce 1991

This quote just blew my mind. There goes my excitement for ‘Winnie the Pooh and Friends- Create your own adventure’, that has a limit to its possibilities… its constrained within the pages between the covers. This makes me think about the title of this reading… “books without pages”… Hypertext has no limits when you take away the constraints of material things. With the aid of technology, we can create millions or trillions or billions (not sure which is bigger) of stories. Ok, time to continue reading… my thoughts as they come to me…

– The desire of the inexhaustible story

-Interactive fiction and reader liberty

– A book that changes every time you read it, responding to your moods, your whims, your latest fetish etc.

(Me: The film ‘The NeverEnding Story’ Is so not never-ending in my book anymore! )

– Ads that appear on your web browser side bars… I know that ad targeting traces your recent history of web searches etc to expose you to ads specific to your interests.

– Doesn’t there have to be some sort of order. I mean at its most bareness letters and words have to be linear to make any kind of sense…. This got to morning  straight went I gym the and…. doesn’t make sense and readers would just not read it… by the way, that was this sentence scrambled up ‘I got up this morning and went straight to the gym’. So does that mean hypertext isn’t inexhaustible? Does there have to be some sort or structure?

– ‘Hypertext is as much a concept as it is a form of technology’

– Need to abolish resistance? ( to things non-sequential).



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“Books without Pages, Novels without Endings, J. Douglas”


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