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Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalisation, George Landow


The bad news is, printing all of this week’s reading used an entire cartridge of black ink because the photocopying was a little bit skew-wiff (is that a word?).

The good news is, I took a lot from it and I think I finally understand Hypertext (read: Look at my awesome photo post of Winnie the Pooh and Friends create your own adventure storybook as my first point of being exposed to Hypertext) 🙂

Here I will list a few key-points which clarified my understanding and light-bulb moments I had while reading this text:

1. In the future all texts will eventually electronically link to each other, creating metatexts and metametatexts.

2. Example of Hypertext: CD Word: The Interactive Bible Library (read: me immediately thinking of the Walt Disney create your own adventure books I read as a child)

3. We are writing in the presence of other texts.

4. Hypertext Essay- Networked Documents.

5. Readers can choose where they want to go next (see Winnie the Pooh again) i.e. they can keep reading in a linear mode, they can investigate one point further, they can go in a completely different direction, informed by their own opinions and interests.

6. Reading a blog is Hypertextual. 2 forms of Hyperyextuality: 1) Bloggers can link chronologically distant entries to each other 2) By a reader wanting to insert a comment they are diverted from the text.

7. Advantage of blogs rather than emails- no spam.

8. Feed Readers/ Subscribers (Lecturers and Tutors in Networked Media via Feedly etc.)

9. Facebook is kinda like blogging

10. Blogging is like a web diary

11. Can blur the distinction between real and fiction, private and public

10. Many of our activities are Hyper-textual. Even me stopping to look up a word in the dictionary while I’m reading this reading is hypertextual

11. Hypertext blurs the boundaries of the borders, metatext, start and ending of texts.


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“Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalisation, George Landow”


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