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My Top Beauty Products


I absolutely LOVE reading blogs like this! So here we go… my very first attempt at a top products/ product reviews. I have broken products into categories for easy reading 🙂


batiste dry shampoo in blush… For those of you with long, unruly hair like mine, you feel my pain when it comes to taking over an hour in the process of washing your hair. By the time you shampoo, condition, brush, dry and straighten you could have almost walked to the moon and back! Okay, so Im exaggerating but its a pain in the butt right? And its a pain in the butt that I would rather only deal with every 3-4 days. I simply don’t have time to do this every morning. Then viola! The evolution of dry shampoo! I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic at first, I thought it would be sticky and heavy and look like dandruff, and I did try a few that did! But when I was nearly about to give up hope and get angry because my supermarket didn’t have any of my regular brand of dry shampoo, I found a miracle in a “HIghly Flammable” pressure can. Batiste is not only light weight and deliciously scented, its super easy to use and perfect for the mornings I sleep through my alarm and don’t have time to wash my hair. Now for those of you who don’t know, dry shampoo is a powdered shampoo that you can use without water. Batiste’s easy spray-can design makes it simple and effective to use (you don’t accidentally tip too much white powder on your head…  non-anectdotely of course.. ). Simply lift up section of your hair, (its best not to make it visible on your part line) and hold the can about 30cm away from your head and spray onto your roots until you have the desired amount. You will be able to judge depending on how thick your hair is. Mine is extremely thin so I only use a little bit. The drop your sections and with your fingers gently massage your scalp to blend and evenly distribute the product. It kicks butt on walking all the way to the moon and back every single morning! 🙂


MOR body soufflé in marshmallow… its winter, we all have our heating systems on and our skin pays for it big time! Heating is one of the most drying things for skin and girls will understand me when I say its time to stock up on moisturiser, body butter, hydrating lotions etc… But I have a  new favourite 🙂 I already loved MOR products, they are affordable, effective and gosh their packaging is cute 🙂 But when I discovered there marshmallow line I was infatuated. Honestly I was. I bought EVERYTHING in the line from the soap to the lip gloss to the perfume! The scent is beautiful! Its hard to describe, to me its not even marshmallow-like. Its fresh but florally… *sniffing tub of soufflé to try and come up with better adjectives*… it smells like pretty! Great intellectual sentence… -_- But it does! Smother this all over your body and smell like pretty all day long!


Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion… I know there are hundreds of fun fruity facial moisturisers in the market to choose from. But this oldie is a goodie! I say that because I get terrible eczema. I am allergic to dairy but does that stop me getting a hot chocolate for those early morning uni starts? No way! Of course not! Don’t be silly, I’m not as responsible as that! Needless to say many fragranced products make my eczema worse. This product has been my go to since forever. I used to be smothered in Cetaphil every night after my bath and I’d go to bed feeling slippery and gooey. But hallelujah it works! This is a fantastic moisturiser for really dry skin, and all of those really long words like dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic which basically means us with skin conditions can use it! Its light-weight, non-fragranced and ultra hydrating. I love this product.

This post is getting super long and I am so excited to review beauty products that I will forget to do all my other homework. So I’m going to wrap it up here. But I will definitely be making this a regular thing! So check back soon! Love Chell xx

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